We are a work in progress, that never stops working.

 “OurReach is global, with us…Yours is too~

iM⚠️RK MULTiMEDiA is the ‘mastermind’ that is responsible for the creation of: iM🔺RK Radio,The Forums at Illuminati Avenue  & the daily publication ILLUMINATI AM

Weseek to amplify the messages that have been shared with the world by The ILLUMINATIAM. We act in concert in to order to help them reach an ever expanding audience. We are active participants in the Illuminati’s Globalist Agenda and are committed to helping them reach all people in all places, with their life changing messages of hope. We employ a variety of methods to execute this goal. We believe our artists have an audience with the Illuminati, because we have converted everything they have ever published to audio after seeking legal permission to do so. We also EXCLUSIVELY promote the music and musings created by confirmed Initiates of the Illuminati. Those who are represented on this station, have vowed to live by the Illuminati’s principles, ideals as their Citizen Members. Our musicians strive to bring a higher level of integrity to an industry clearing lacking in it. Additionally, we give a voice to the various topics of interest relative to the Illuminati’s Public Outreach and the Initiation process. 

iM⚠️RK MULTiMEDiA is on the move, and will be expanding our reach 🔜


We have several ambitious plans on paper for 2020.

We thought you might like a sneak peek!

  • We will be moving into the visual arts by posting videos of our artists craft and creating ones of our own.
  • We will continue to facilitate and promote the global production of musical collaborations created by the Initiates of the Illuminati.
  • We will be offering an complementary in house Lyricist and Editor services for confirmed Initiates. 
  • We will be professionalizing and expanding all of our offerings 

iM🔺RK Radio™️

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